Welcome to Will Rogers Class of 1970


50 Year Reunion: June 11,12,13, 2020

Hard Rock Room Rates for 6-11-2020 $119.00 6-12-13-2020 $139.00

More Information to come.

If you would like to be involved please call Jacci at 918-527-2936

Construction has started on the sports stadium Ropers have dreamed about for 80 years, financed by the 2015 Tulsa Public Schools Bond. It’s beautifully designed to complement Will Rogers’ timeless Art Deco style, and will be located on the west side of Rogers next to the existing sports field.

ALL ROPERS have an opportunity to contribute a permanent part to Tulsa Will Rogers history with a personalized brick in this beautiful new facility, through the Brick by Brick Campaign. Donate either an 8″ x 8″ ($150) or 8″ x 4″ ($100) brick and it will be deep laser engraved to your specifications. 


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